Search engines are a great way to navigate the Internet and find exactly what you want!

One of the great features of the Internet is the amount of information it contains. Information that used to be limited to regional distribution via newspapers, television, and flyers is now available on a national and even global basis. But all this newly available information comes at a price: confusion. Don't worry! Another great thing about the Internet is that people come up with solutions for its problems. Enter Internet Guides and Search Engines...

You can enter keywords (such as agriculture, weather, education) and the Search Engines will seek out Web Sites that contain the information that you requested. There are many different types of Search Engines, and we have collected the best of the bunch in order to make your Internet experience more effective and enjoyable.

If you don't find what you're looking for using one Search Engine, try another. The results will vary from engine to engine. Try to be specific about the topic you're searching for.

One handy shortcut to keep in mind is the search wildcard, which can be either a question mark (?) or an asterisk (*) inserted anywhere between your keywords. This comes in handy when you want to be able to find slight variations of your search terms. For example, garden? will find web sites for gardens, gardening, gardeners, and so on.

Each Search Engine has explanitory notes on how to properly use it for the best results. Simply click on any Search Engine above, and off you go!


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